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What’s this site about?

This is a personal website maintained by me, Sencer. It contains seemingly random bits of information, links and opinions and is a constant work in progress. The languages used are mostly english and german.

There is no long-term topical focus of this site, other than functioning as an outlet for stuff on some of the things I happen to either think about, read about, work on or simply stumble across. To get an idea, either browse the archives, or visit some of the sites I like to read (see below).

The Software used for this site is Dean Allen’s excellent Textpattern.

Verantwortlich gemäß § 6 MDStV

Sencer Yurdagül
Elvekumer Str. 3
50739 Köln

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Regular Reading

Here are a number of sites I keep track of using Bloglines.

Last update: 27 Jul 2014 15:53

My RSS-Aggregator lets me easily export an OPML-File which is then displayed by a script in this post, meaning that the above list will usually be up to date with my Aggregator. Feel free to use the script if you find it helpful: