Textpattern Bookmarklet · 17. Juni 2004, 11:49

I “wrote” a bookmarklet for textpattern. I place the word “wrote” in quotes, because I actually only modified parts of it from other bookmarklets I found. I looked at so many different bookmarklets which either didn’t work, or didn’t work the way I wanted, that I lost track of who to credit. But certainly these helplful people should be credited.

The bookmarklet pre-loads the following fields
custom_1 (closet) = Page-Title
custom_2 (cupboard) = Page-URL
Title (of the post) = Page-Title
Body (of the post) = via-link to the referrer

I am using the custom fields for my linkblog. There is a customfield-plugin that allows you to output the customfields easily.

You can find the code of the bookmarklet at the below link, I hope you find it helpful. I am certainly not good at Javascript, so chances are I won’t be able to help if it doesn’t work in your browser, but I will pass on any advice you can give and update the code if you have ideas for improvements:


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