Paris · 23. Mai 2008, 21:45


Finally replaced my old, clunky 2MP camera with a new and very slim one for my trip to Paris, which means I might start uploading a few photos every now and then again…

Heidelberg · 6. September 2007, 22:56


Ausblick vom Schloß.


rainbow over Blue Mosque · 21. November 2006, 23:54


It’s been too long since I last was in Istanbul…


Danish Modern (test) · 4. Juni 2006, 14:09

Danish Modern

test – thanks, Dean, for lending a photo. ;)


Fisherman's Wharf · 1. Juni 2005, 11:44

Fisherman's Wharf

a view from Fisherman’s Wharf with coit tower on the left and the
transamerica building on the right. And a seagull in the center.


Hans Hillmann · 17. April 2005, 12:46

Hans Hilmann


Golden Gate Bridge, SF · 19. März 2005, 11:28

Golden Gate Bridge, SF

as seen from Alcatraz


What is odd in this picture? · 15. März 2005, 15:45

What is odd in this picture?

It’s hard to notice, but if you look closely, you’ll see that the car has the front-wheels curbed, this indicates that the car maybe parked at a slope: “Curbing wheels is required on streets where the grade is three percent or more to prevent runaway vehicles. Turn your wheels in toward the curb when pointing downhill and out away from the curb when pointing uphill.” (Source)


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